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Limit to 3 people/wk. Spots will fill up fast!

6 Weeks of 

LIVE Workouts

Stay active and healthy at a state of the art fitness facility. Get real time coaching and always get a good workout. Stay active and healthy while having fun doing it!

6 Weeks with a

Personal Coach

Need extra accountability getting off the couch, especially when you're establishing a "new normal"? Your personal coach will help you stay motivated even on the days you don't want to work out. 
6 Weeks of 

Community and connection are so important. You're more likely to commit to a workout program if you do it with people. Your uplifting support system will be with you as you start developing healthy habits!

Program Results

"After 4 years, I'm still just as committed as the day I started. Bluprint has made it easy to want to come in every day and better myself. One of the hardest parts of my week is deciding what day I want to take off. They've also taken a great approach on nutrition by emphasizing healthy habits rather than setting unsustainable goals. Plus they practice what they preach. And if the programming or nutrition support doesn't get you in the door, then the friends you could make should! The community is absolutely amazing :)"

Toni T.

"I have been a member of Bluprint Fitness for a little over a year, and I'm really happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and walked in for an assessment. The coaching staff are friendly, welcoming and attentive. The programming is challenging but scalable, making it accessible for beginners and more seasoned athletes alike. The sense of community is really unlike any gym I have ever joined before, and it's a big part of what has kept me coming in 4-5 days a week consistently for the past year. Over the past year I have become stronger, mastered movements I never thought I could do, and gained more self-confidence along the way. I recommend Bluprint Fitness to anyone who wants to make their overall health a priority and challenge themselves to a challenging, rewarding, and fun workout program."

Dan W.

"I can't say enough good things about this gym! The coaches are top-notch. They take the time to work with each individual athlete to ensure that everyone is reaching their potential while upholding movement and safety standards. Bluprint is for athletes of all different skill levels. If you walk through the door you are automatically family. :) The programming is excellent and the community is second to none. I would highly recommend stopping in and chatting with Janelle and Byron!"

Nikki C.

"I moved to Chicago from Texas and have been a part of Bluprint for over a year. Out of all the workout facilities I have been a part of, Bluprint takes the cake. They have built an amazing culture that sets it apart from most if not all gyms you will find. The coaches are knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating and funny. The programming is well thought out and easily scaled up or down with provided options. The sense of community and diversity is naturally positive and seen within all of the members."

Kevin T.

"I’ve been fortunate to be in the gym community for several years and had the benefit of some great gyms during that time — and BluPrint is #1 in my experience. The coaches are dedicated to your success and safety. The programming is challenging while accessible to every fitness level. And the gym is clean, well organized, and well equipped. But the piece that levels this place up above the rest is the welcoming, inclusive, and just downright family atmosphere the owners, coaches, and members have cultivated. It is next to none and the reason I continue to come back. Whether you’re looking for a new gym to call home or just need to drop in, BluPrint is the place to go."

Erica J.

"The coaches are not only true professionals, but they understand each member's skill level and are able to cater to every individual in class. I enjoy going to class and feel like I'm missing out when I don't make it. I couldn't imagine going back to a conventional gym. Best gym there is. LET"S GO!!"

Seth F.

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